Reading Council Wants Hard-Man

According to the story in the Reading Evening Post, Reading Council are looking for a hard man to lead it.

Now as Ross Kemp is normally galavanting around Afghanstan, Somalia and Slough, I would like to propose an alternative – Charles Bronson.

According to Wikipedia, he has the following relevant experience:

36 years prison experience over 120 different prisons, 32 of which were in solitary confinement.

Involved in a dozen hostage incidents.
Threats issued to eat hostages, demands issued including helicopters, Uzi’s, 5000 rounds of ammunition.
In an incident in 1998, he demanded one of his hostages hit him over the head very hard with a metal tray – when the hostage refused, he slashed his shoulder with a razor blade 6 times.
Willingness to sing the song “Yellow Submarine” whilst walking around with a spear.
Can do 172 press-ups in 60 seconds.

He gets my vote.

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