Reduced Alcohol Consumption

I see alcohol consumption has gone down by 6% over the last year, the biggest fall since 1948. One thought on the matter is the recession may have caused it. Another, incredibly amusing suggestion is that messages about responsible drinking are the reason behind lower drinking levels!
I have another suggestion. Has the use of drugs increased over the last year? I wonder if the influx of dodgy plant food which people oddly seem to be ingested, so I am told when I walk the streets, which could be cheaper than getting drunk, is a reason for less being drunk?
Maybe now plant food is illegal, alcohol consumption will go up? One assumes it is not so easy to get hold of now there is not the myriad of websites selling it!
Another thought, I wonder if the alcohol industry helped to ensure this stuff was made illegal? Rumours were abound many years ago that they paid for campaigns to highlight alleged dangers of ecstasy to ensure it was made illegal so it wouldn’t affect their profits. As alcohol is the safest drug around, we all know that!
I’m very suspicious of the alcohol industry. Oops I’ll be banned from every pub now for saying this.
Oh well, I need to reduce my alcohol consumption anyway.

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