Ricardo Villalobos

Anyone that knows me knows I absolutely love Sven Vath, but you should also be equally aware that I absolutely love Ricardo Villalobos almost equally to Sven.

He isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and I know why – because he plays music to challenge the crowd, and at Cocoon In The Park, he certainly did so, and a fair proportion didn’t get him, at least at the start, at least compared to the preceeding Loco Dice who played excellent groovy house music.

But I’m always up for a challenge to my ears musically, and every time I see him I experience music that I never thought could possibly exist.

I like to think I can write a bit, but I have found a much better review of him, and his set on the terrace at Amnesia, at Ibiza-Spotlight, on the title link. This is an excellent website by the way, for all things Ibiza, especially the party calendar, but much else besides.

I recommend it for reading – and there are 6 typical (if there is such a thing) Ricardo tracks at the bottom, or at least 6 that he played that night and most of which I have heard him play this year.

I hope you can gain a love of Ricardo too 🙂

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