September Blog Stats Update

Being 1st September, I thought I would provide an update on my blog stats – I’m interested anyway! By the way, I did say White Rabbits as the first thing I said today. Though even if I had told them where to go, it surely cannot be as unlucky a month as last month (yes I forgot to say White Rabbits on the 1st August).

Anyway, I have now had 2093 visits to the blog since I started it back in January, which is 706 unique visitors (approx 0.000012% of the world’s population).

Cocoon In The Park was by far the most read page with 158 views.

The average weekday I get about 15 visitors, but this can be easily bumped up to 25 or so if I bother to post on Facebook.

My favourite stat though is the countries that I have had visitors from – 89% of them come from the UK, 75% of those from Reading/London area. But most impressively (well I think so anyway) is that I have visitors from 43 different countries/territories.

Norfolk Island is still the most obscure – I think they might deserve a blog post of their own though as 0.2% of their population has visited!

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