Stupid Game

I do really like rugby league, and miss it living down south. I am a northerner and it is expected of me. However the top league, known since Sky took over broadcasting as the “Super League” has 14 teams in it. They for some bizarre reason play 27 games a season, rather than 26 as you might expect a league of 14 teams to play. But once the 27 games have been played, the top 8 then compete to see who is the champion. So the team who finishes 8th can then be classed as the best team in the country. Granted the system of play-offs is weighted to favour the highest finishers and normally does tend to be the best or second best team who wins. But it is kind of like giving Bolton or Stoke the chance at the end of a Premiership season in football to be classed the best team in the country.

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