Sweeney Todd’s Pie Chart Update

I am slowly going through all the pies that appeal at Sweeney Todds (in Reading). Here are the scores out of 10:

Chicken & ham – 8
Steak & Ale – 9
Mixed Game – 6.5 (Carrots? Did someone shoot a carrot? I should complain about false advertising, I would mind if it was sold as Mixed Game & Carrots)
Sweeneys – 4 (A mix of lamb, pork, beef and vegetables – it struggled to find a flavour of its own, hence its low score)

I think it will be Turkey & Bacon next.

Any recommendations or arguments?

Pork & Apple is rated 5.5 by Ellie

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2 responses to “Sweeney Todd’s Pie Chart Update

  1. It's not a good game pie unless there is some buckshot in it… and subsequent broken teeth. Maybe the birds choked on the carrot and died.

    Best pie I've ever had at Sweeney's was beef and horseraddish. Turkey and bacon does sound good though.

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