Taxi Spotting

Here I am on a drab Tuesday morning, and sadly my imagination was a little too slow to start.
Standing around, waiting for a bus, which is next to the taxi rank, where there were about 10 taxis waiting for customers.
Enjoying not only the finest pork and apple sausage roll, but also a suitable podcast from kabale Und Liebe with the latest disco, house, minimal funk, when a woman rushes up to me asking “is this the queue for a taxi?”
Fair enough, maybe she didn’t realise that she was interrupting the groove, but surely she could see I was mid-sausage roll?
I politely pointed her in the correct direction.
A missed opportunity, I feel, as I perhaps should have said yes. And the reason the queue wasn’t moving?
We are all taxi collectors, waiting for the next taxi that we have never used. It’s the latest app that everyone is using. We go around collecting taxi journeys, like football stickers but for people who go to work.

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