There Is Still Hope

Just a short comment.

I see David Cameron is in the process of making an open and comprehensive offer to the Liberal Democrats for a coalition government.

Whilst I believe that a Conservative majority would have been best for the country, there always were a few areas of Conservatism that I didn’t fully agree with as they were not liberal enough. So from a selfish point of view, I might actually end up with the perfect government for me.

And there would be no more Gordon Brown.

One assumes he is desperately trying to think of ways to stay in power somehow. Power is a drug, and Gordon likes this particular drug a lot.

But we can be thankful of living in a democracy, and I think once an agreement is in place, we can truly be proud not only to have lived in one, but to be actively taking part in one.

By the way, there might be some sunshine next weekend, though not especially warm. Warmth could increase significantly after 20th. I’ll keep you updated 🙂

Have a good weekend.

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