This Is My Life – All 4 Sides (24-hour viewing advised)

One assumes that you may want to better emphasise with my current situation – I cannot have all my blog readers in my habitat 24 hours a day – it is not practicle.

Firstly, this is the front wall of my living area:

This is the rear wall:

This is my right wall:

And finally, this is my left wall, which completes the picture:

This is where I am spending approximately 12-15 hours every day at the moment.  Mostly by myself.

I think I am getting a little bored of the same walls.

I think I might want a job.

It might not be too long before I go insane!

Yes, I do require and seek attention!

I keep going into town to buy a sausage roll just for something different to do – ok eating sausage rolls is hardly different to what I have been doing for the last 31 years – I shall rephrase – some place different to do something as opposed to the place that I have been doing stuff all day.

Please join me and print up this blog post and keeping it handy at all times, perhaps attach it to some empty toilet rolls like you would if you were following something on Blue Peter.

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