Thursday Thoughts

So Wednesday Night Syndrome strikes yet again.  It seemed such a good idea at stupid am to watch David Cameron’s conference speech in full.  52 minutes long.  Inspiring and at times amusing, I especially like any attacks on Labour, which on the attached link can be seen at 29 minutes.  Surprised that the BBC have actually thought to point it out given their seeming preference to Labour.  They should at least stop colouring things in red.  Yes I know Sky leans towards the Conservatives but they are a private company – public funds should not go towards biased media of one form or the other.

Did anyone else watch it?  I assume not.

Did anyone else see what I saw this morning?  I hope not.

In the car park where I work, someone got out of their car, took off their trousers, got another pair out of the car and put them on.  Surely that could have been done in the various bathroom facilites in our building?  I can think of at least 20 private areas where this could be done.  What is the logic in this?  Maybe he was just expressing his displeasure of coming to work.

Oh and I am led to believe that Facebook is having a rather big update today or very soon at least, where we can download all our photos or status updates (heaven forbid do I want to torment myself, though maybe I could release them in a book?), and also allowing for more group interactivity, which is something I have been hoping for for a long time as Facebook is very ‘me me me’ and yes I know I am like that.  I’m hoping this will bring a shift about in how people communicate on Facebook, and improve society.

Time for a bacon and egg sandwich?

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