Today Is A Good Day

Today is a good day and here is why:

1. My good friends, Shaun & Kellie, have just had their second baby.  The more babies that are born now, the better, as they will be paying for my health costs and pension when I am older, so the more people 20-40 years younger than me the better.  I’m glad they didn’t steal Tinkerbelle from me as her name.  Secretly though, I am actually quite delighted more though as Shaun & Kellie are truly delightful friends.

2. I have freedom today.  I can do what I want without fear.  If I want to check Facebook every 30 minutes I can do.  But nobody seems to go on Facebook nowadays.  I am saving my work for tomorrow.

3. Someone has just put a plate of food next to my desk from a meeting.  Free food equals good day, no matter what else has gone before.  Unless perhaps it was free food at a hospital after being stabbed.  Or if the food is shit.  Fear not though blog-fans – sausage rolls and chicken wings are there.

4. I am having dinner cooked for me tonight, and I fully expect it will be the best thing I have eaten for a while.  Even better than a pie.  I should also mention that I had a something, kiwi and quial pie at the weekend.  I was a little drunk when buying the pie hence I am not sure what the first ingredient was.  I still prefer chicken, brocolli and stilton.  Or steak and ale.

The only thing which could make it better would be if I could discover a couple of hot new tunes.  I have another 4 hours of listening.  Fingers crossed.

Anyone else got reasons to be cheerful?

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