TV Debates

There was rumour that David Cameron didn’t want to do live
televised debates prior to the 2015 general election.  It is thought that he and the Conservatives
believed that the live TV debates derailed their election campaign and stopped
them from obtaining a outright Conservative majority.
I would have been appalled if this was the case but
thankfully we had confirmation yesterday that the TV debates will go ahead
prior to the elections – however David Cameron wants them to take place before
the main stretch of campaigning, I assume a month or slightly more before the
I cannot say I am bothered about when they take place as
long as they do take place.  Last time we
had 3 debates in the weeks prior which was probably too much emphasis on
debates, too little on actual campaigning, in the run up to the election.  In Germany they had just one debate (very
boring too so I am told).
Also in Germany they had a second debate for the minor parties.  I think this is an excellent idea.
Whilst I do not think the main debate(s) should be bogged
down with all kinds of minor fringe party ideas, they should have their chance
on mainstream television.  UKIP, the
Greens, Socialists, Rainbow Party, whoever has a minor but significant enough
poll rating should also be given the chance to appeal to a wider audience.
Perhaps arbitrary limits should be given to decide which
parties take part in which debate depending on previous general election
results – for example 10% of the popular vote for the main debates, 0.5% of the
popular vote for the minor party debate.
A tip for my preferred winner in 19 months time – a touch less arrogance and a
touch more humility would be preferred.
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