Updated Weather Forecast

Summer over?


A little rain in the morning, a little brightness in the afternoon, and still very warm, around 24’C. Chance of a thunderstorm later but a small chance.

Saturday should be nice and sunny, probably not as warm, probably will feel fresher though I don’t rule out another very warm day, between 22’C and 24’C.

Sunday, sunny start but cloudy later, with some light rain, 22’C.

Monday and Tuesday should still be mainly dry, with a fair amount of sunshine, and warm. I’m not 100% confident on this though.

From then on, it gets confusing. I have seen some horrible potential outcomes, but equally strong high pressure over Europe could well keep the south and east of the dry, sunny and times, and warm.

I am really hesitant to make any predictions for the end of the week, I expect rain but I have been wrong a few times on predictions of unsettled weather recently.

Maybe it isn’t summer over, but the best part of it probably is.

June was always the month of summer I expected to be the best. I don’t think July will be awful, just will have more rain. I do not rule out a short-lived heatwave, especially towards the end of the month. I just don’t think it will be as nice overall as June. I think we have had an exceptional month, especially compared with recent years.

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