Updated Weather Forecast

Well it has been lovely but it isn’t going to last as long as I initiated hoped for.

Friday will still be glorious, sunny, hot, probably cloud-less, 25’C, maybe a touch higher.

Saturday there is likely to be somewhat more cloud, but still hot at 25’C. Possible chance of a shower later on, small chance but a chance.

Sunday is going to be down to about 20’C and there is a good chance of a shower or some rain, which could well be heavy and thundery. Perhaps a little sunshine later in the afternoon.

Low pressure edges closer on Monday, but perhaps will suck up a little more warmth, which probably means heavy rain and thunderstorms though.

On Tuesday onwards for the rest of the week, low pressure will be over us and will generate showers or longer spells of rain, which could be heavy and thundery.

There could be a dry day though, don’t rule it out. Temperatures won’t be too bad, around the normal between 16’C and 19’C I expect. I don’t rule out 21’C perhaps.

For next weekend, there is a good chance of a nice warm day on Saturday for the start of the world cup. A little too early to tell. Then it does look like high pressure will build again, but to our west which doesn’t especially help temperatures. Again far too early to see if this will happen.

I’m still going for a mainly good end to June, I always expected a blip around the middle after a nice start, albeit I didn’t originally expect it until around 10th.

Enjoy the rest of the sunshine – and hopefully the thunderstorms if we get them 🙂

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