Updated Weather Forecast

Well it is about time I stopped talking politics. The weather is hardly inspiring me to blog about it either, but I feel I should. I will try to get into a regular pattern of Monday & Thursday forecasts.

This week will be dominated by cold weather. Temperatures will vary between 10’C and 13’C. Rainfall amounts will be fairly low, sunshine amounts will be variable.

I am hopeful that Saturday and Sunday will be fine with more pleasant temperatures of 16-17’C. Hardly warm, but just about average.

After that, I see a battle between warmer air to the south and cooler air to the north. Things to the east might start to warm up soon, so any further easterlies after the end of the month should start to be more appealing. The continent hasn’t done much warming up yet so cannot be a positive influence yet.

My long-term prediction of a wet and warm May is looking far off the mark. I guess I cannot get them all right. This was the kind of weather I was expecting for July/August – pretty dry but not exactly hot. Oh well, it could be worse!

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