Updated Weather Forecast

I think you need one of these. Apologies as it has been a while but not much has been happening.

The dry spell is set to continue although with fair amounts of cloud at times, so temperatures around 13’C-14’C. I am hopeful of something a touch warmer during the weekend around 15’C-16’C.

Early next week I think there will be a gentle northerly developing which will again cool things down, though not so much down here in Reading. At worst down to 10’C especially if we get a cloudy day, there is a threat of some rain but nothing too much I suspect, early next week.

And then perhaps towards the weekend of 24th/25th April, temperatures could rise again to perhaps 18’C but also I think the chance of rain will increase and could be somewhat more unsettled.

I’m still hopeful for the summer and this extended period of high pressure is helping my hopes. I’m still also sticking to my bets of a warmer but wetter than average May. We shall see.

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