Updated Weather Forecast

I’m happy with my previous forecast – not spot on as my maybe’s didn’t come off as I thought they might but overall it is good.

And further to that if you check the forecast I made on 1st February – I predicted a dry start to spring – 4 days in and no rain!

And guess what? Miracles of all miracles there is no significant rain in this forecast. Or snow. Just a small chance of a little light rain tomorrow and a small chance of a wintry shower over the weekend.

Plenty of sunshine, some cloud at times though. However it will remain cold with a noticeable easterly wind, and overnight frosts at times. So it is still behaving more like winter than spring.

It will gradually become less cold next week and into the week after, from 5’C this weekend to maybe 10’C by next weekend.

Following that I expect the jet stream to have finally moved north from its very strange winter residency of the meditteranean, bringing its milder but wet weather back – probably around 15th to 18th onwards. Assuming this happens then on the sunnier days where it doesn’t rain, it should reach 15’C by the end of March.

Note many previous years recently have seen very pleasent temperatures of 18’C to 21’C in March for a few days. I would be shocked if it happens. It might not even reach 20’C in April. I still think winter has unfinished business with us.

Enjoy the next couple of fine weeks 🙂

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