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It’s that time of year where I have given up hope of getting a couple of days off work for free because there is so much snow and the country grinds to a halt, and I start looking for where I can start to feel a little bit of warmth.

Sadly, I don’t have any vague hope of anything even kind of mild right now, it actually looks more likely to get colder.

Friday sees high pressure remain in control to the west of the UK, and slightly to the north, so a frosty start, I am hopeful it will be rather sunny, 8’C.
Saturday will start frosty again but become cloudy, perhaps up to 9’C though, and there is a chance of some light rain or drizzle.
Sunday still has the high pressure around but it has split into two cells, to our east over Denmark and to the west over the Atlantic.  It won’t make much difference to you but it does make a difference as to what future weather patterns can be established, so fairly sunny, 7’C.
Monday sees these too high pressure systems try to connect to become one, but the Arctic ain’t having any of it and keeps them apart, but we remain sunny and cool, 8’C.
Tuesday will see increased winds from the north west, with a big pool of Arctic air trying to push down into Europe, it should be mainly dry but there will be a chance of a shower or two, 10’C may be reached but it won’t feel it at all.

Wednesday and Thursday will remain cool, with some showers, no higher than 9’C, and there could be some wintryness in the showers.

And after that it could get colder with a more northerly airflow, and the potential for some wintry weather – though it being March and the sun being strong, it will be fleeting wintryness, if it does come.

Maybe around 20th March it may start to come to something like 15/16’C – hardly exceptional but it will be welcomed.  I think I am grasping at straws right now though!

I always expected a cool and dry March (I did say possibly colder than February), and also April I think will follow with more cool weather.

Summer I don’t yet have any predictions for as I feel it will depend on how long La Nina lasts for, as whether it ends soon, or goes on all year, could be a major determining factor.  I’m not expecting much in the way of hot weather, I am thinking it may be more likely to be drier than average, and around average temperatures.  May I expect to be quite a warm month, ie warmer than average, and June possibly too but I think June also has the potential to be wet – hopefully in the form of significant large downpours as opposed to continuous rain or showers.

Apologies for not being able to promise some warmth…as soon as there is a chance of something nice, I will be blogging about it!

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