Updated Weather Forecast

I have suddenly realised that it is a Monday evening, and therefore I need to produce a weather forecast.

You may have noticed that colder air is once again over us, though not the deep cold that we had.

Tuesday will be cloudy, with some light rain or sleet, or perhaps wet snow at times later, though some early sunshine cannot be ruled out, 3’C.
Wednesday will see a band of what will probably be rain, spread down from the north, and it could be quite heavy.  I do not rule out that it might be snow, but it is more likely to be rain, 4’C.
Thursday looks settled, more likely cloudy than sunny, still quite cold, 3’C.
Friday should be wet and windy, with temperatures of 7’C, however I do not rule out some snow on the leading edge of this band of weather, and well, maybe it will not turn to rain after all…who knows…
Saturday will see more rain.  Probably.  But it could be snow.

Apologies for the vagueness, but it is quite unpredictable as to where the boundary of rain and mild, and snow and cold is.

I do feel a little frustrated in that I have not been able to give a decent forecast, so may do another update before Thursday.

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