Updated Weather Forecast

I remain committed to my weather forecasts.  Twice a week.  Apologies for the lack of any other inane rants or spurious dribblings, I shall endeavour to get back on course this week.

I shall continue my service as a wannabe weather forecaster.

High pressure is to our south-west and this is sucking in warm air from this direction, towards us.

Monday night may see some rain, and following this will be a fairly stiff westerly wind, and there will be a band of rain continuing all week across some part of England, more likely to the north and the midlands, and towards the end of the week, over the south.

When it starts raining it is likely to rain continually for a day or two.

Temperatures could well reach 16’C, maybe even 17’C.  It will generally be cloudy, but perhaps some brightness at times.

Come the weekend and it looks like a fairly intense low pressure system is going to come down from the north-west on Sunday, with strong winds and heavy rain, and will also introduce much colder air again, with some snow for the north of the country.

This could lead to more Arctic air and a fair chill.

I still expect a settled but chilly middle part of November.

That’s all for now.

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