Updated Weather Forecast

Don’t tell me you haven’t been waiting for it…I did try to write it late last night but my fingers failed me.

The next ten days or so will be unsettled as the Atlantic takes hold, the timings of the rain bands are not set in stone as it is very much a developing situation.  But the Atlantic is going to throw everything at us.

In case you haven’t guessed already, rain is on the way today for much of the day, and with some strong winds.

Saturday day should be dry, but from evening onwards, wet.  And this will go on into Sunday with more pulses of rain coming from the south, which could be quite heavy at times.  It being from the south though will mean that it should remain mild.

Monday should be drier, but I don’t rule out some showery rain, or showers.

Tuesday also looks like showers.

Wednesday looks like more wind and heavy rain, followed by blustery showers, with showers on Thursday and the next band of rain is waiting for Friday or Saturday.

The timings could be slightly out as the week goes on but this is how I currently prognose it to be.

There is a chance of flooding, rainfall totals could end up very high.

It will not be cold though.  Always rather mild.

This is as I expected, I still think there should be a drier period around the middle of the month, but a stormy end.  November I am thinking cold but dry, maybe some early November snow, December possibly mild.

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