Updated Weather Forecast

Enjoy the last few nice days. Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be fairly or mainly sunny again, chance of a shower on Sunday, around 21’c.
Then low pressure is going to come in from the south west in a southerly motion, and with high pressure to the east and nowhere to go, it will dump all its rain on England.
I’m not sure exactly when it will start raining,most likely during the day on Monday and I expect it to be heavy. It could still be quite warm and humid on Monday.
Tuesday to Thursday it will be raining somewhere across the south or midlands. So you could get wet every day. And it could feel rather cool at 15’c with an easterly wind.
Friday and Saturday next week should be drier with some sub, 17’c. Then Sunday or Monday I expect rain from the north west.
From then on I am hopeful it will settle down but not expecting it to be warm at all, perhaps a frost or two.
Still predicting noticeable storms to end October and the first cold blast of note in the second half of November. Mild December? But probably a colder winter than last when it gets going, but la nina makes me less sure of this outcome.
I hope that satisfies your expectations of me. X

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