Updated Weather Forecast

I’m afraid that this one is a little lacking in research compared to most of my forecasts, but I had ideas in advance anyway of what was going to happen so it isn’t too difficult.  Saying whether it will definitely rain or not on a particular day is though.

So my idea for this week:

Tuesday, probably dry, fairly cloudy but there will be some sunshine.

Wednesday, cloudy with a band of rain lying horizontally across England somewhere, so it could rain all day, but it equally it could be dry, or fairly dry.
Thursday, some sunshine, possibly a shower.

Friday, more cloud, possibly with rain too, but not sure.

The weekend looks more unsettled and perhaps cool, but details are a little sketchy at the moment.

Temperatures will range from 20’C to 23’C in the sunnier days.

I’m still hopeful for sunny and hot weather developing for the middle part of August, around 10th onwards, give or take.

I hope this suffices for now.

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