Updated Weather Forecast

Well I promised you mild weather, and it did reach 17.7’C here in Reading today – it hasn’t been below 10’C even at night over the last few days.  That is about to change.

Friday will still be mild though, but there will be some rain around, more particularly in the evening and overnight when it could be quite heavy, still about 15’C.

Saturday the winds swing to the north-west, will be cooler, 9’C, with some showers around.  Maybe a slight frost overnight

Sunday is more likely to be dry, chance of a shower still, chilly, 7, maybe 8’C.

Then comes quite an intense and developing low pressure system from the north-west.  The exact path isn’t known yet, but the most likely path will see it go past the west of the UK towards the north of Spain – an unusual track to take.

If it does so, then from Sunday night until Tuesday night, expect gale force winds at times, heavy rain at times, and generally a pretty unpleasant feel to things, no higher than 10’C and at times cooler.  And it will feel raw in the wind and rain.

It could intensify further and change direction a little, it should be watched.

Wednesday should be drier, 7’C, still some rain and wind around but improving.  Cold overnight.

Thursday looks like being chilly, 6’C, maybe some rain later.

Next weekend should be milder though, with temperatures back up to 12’C, but more rain and strong winds.

If, however, the low pressure on Sunday night does something different to what is expected now, as this is not set in stone, then the outcome for next week could well be different.

I do not have so much confidence in my original expectation of a cold but dry middle to end of November.

So, a good old fashioned bit of autumn is coming up.  Enjoy.

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