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Its that time of the week again.  I’m going to start with a look at Moscow again (I like this Russian attention I am getting every time I mention the word Russia or Moscow!).  Only 2 days since 9th July has the temperature not been above 30’C.  For a climate really not used to 30’C temperatures, this is quite incredible and I imagine unbearable.  The link in the title shows the temperature statistics, quite crazy, really is.

Nothing of the sort here.  High pressure makes half-arsed attempts to nudge towards the UK to break up the cloud and bring sunshine but never really delivers.  Nearly two weeks of this pattern now and another similar week to come.  I cannot see any change until the hurricane season starts to have some effect on the Atlantic, which could (should?) move the high pressure area our way.  The only named storm I can see, Colin, is probably about 8 days away from having an effect, if it does go towards the Atlantic – hurricane paths are notoriously tricky to predict.

So for the next few days;

Friday, cloudy with some rain, perhaps only 17’C much cooler than of late
Saturday, more cloud than sun, the odd shower, 21’C
Sunday could be quite sunny, perhaps up to 25’C – make the most of it!
Monday probably will be fairly cloudy, perhaps some brightness, 22’C
Tuesday & Wednesday will see low pressure on top of England which means yet more cloud, rain will probably be in the way of showers, they could perhaps be heavy and thundery on Tuesday, 20’C

I’m still hopeful of an improvement towards next weekend but would not be surprised if another low pressure came to vague life and we had to wait longer for an improvement in the weather.

Finally, I came across this video of an immense storm in the US.  That is really quite impressive.

One final thing.  You may have heard that there was a massive solar eruption on 1st August, and hence a possibility of the UK seeing the Northern Lights…well I am investigating to see if this is going to mitigate the expected very cold winter I am currently expecting.  I’ll inform you if I discover anything.

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