Updated Weather Forecast

I have to apologise, the weather models are causing me all kinds of confusion. I’ve not seen these kind of scenarios in previous summers so I am struggling a little to understand what the outcome will be. Hence my previous post of concern of ‘summer over?’…maybe it is just the sunniest part of it is over? I think that is my conclusion.

I will say what I am confident on.

Tuesday, sunny though increasingly cloudy later on, 22’C
Wednesday, potential for some showers, but warmer, 25’C
Thursday, sunny, 26’C

This is where it goes a bit wrong, there seems to be a low pressure developing which will swing southwards with the intention of going across the south of England, but its preferred path looks likely to be rebuffed. I think. So it will end up stalling out west and winding itself up, but because there is a little more mobility over the north of the country, it should cross the country at some point.

If you ask me today, then I say, Friday is 31’C, probably sunny but perhaps hazy, expect it to be uncomfortable, Saturday 28’C, and at some point possibly a thunderstorm to clear it away, maybe not until Sunday.

But I’m confused. Ask me again tomorrow! Not easy at the moment.

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