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Well going to bed at 7pm last night kind of meant that there was no time for the usual Monday evening forecast.  I would apologise but as I nearly fell asleep at work yesterday afternoon (well I didn’t, I just had to survive on large amounts of caffeine).

I shall be quick as I have lost my freedom for the day already.  But I can give you fairly good news.

Tuesday will see some bit of light rain around but possibly some sun and it could be warm in any sunshine at 19’C.

More organised rain overnight and into Wednesday.  This should clear later and again there could be some sun, but probably no more than 16’C.

The outlook for rain has been downgraded as high pressure is building strongly to the east and the low pressure forecasted for later this week is just going to wind itself up in the Atlantic with stormy winds – but miles out to our west, so this will suck up warm air from the south – Ibiza was 30’C just a few days ago.

Thursday should be quite sunny, though not perfectly so, and warmer at 18’C, maybe 19’C.

Friday is the warm day at 20’C to 22’C depending on amounts of sunshine.  I suspect it will be cloudier than sunnier.  You should notice the breeze too, but a warm breeze.

Saturday winds then swing round to the east which is becoming a colder direction.  There is a chance of some rain on Saturday or Sunday, but not guaranteed as I think high pressure will be building from the north.

As high pressure builds from the north next week, temperatures will reduce to 12’C to 14’C (more normal for October), and it might start to get chilly overnight when the easterly wind dies down during the week.

This high pressure for the middle of the month matches my long-standing October prediction – will we get the storm to end it?  And then a cold start to November?

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