Updated Weather Forecast

So here we go again – I have a feeling this forecast is going to be a bit boring.

High pressure is building from the west, settling our weather down.

Tonight will be cold, perhaps down to -4’C and foggy.
Tuesday will likely be foggy, if it stays that way then it will probably be no higher than -2’C but if it clears then maybe up to 1’C.  Probably about -4’C overnight.
Wednesday I think the fog may clear as there could be quite a cold breeze, a small chance of a light dusting of snow in the morning, and about -1’C during the day, again -4’C overnight.

Thursday we start to see less cold air with a source of north Africa being sucked up around the high pressure – but don’t get too excited.  It may reach 2’C during the day and 0’C overnight.
Friday might get up to 4’C!  And 0’C overnight.  Still dry and settled.

Next weekend should be similar.

However at present, this looks like a temporary blip in wintry proceedings, as this week’s high pressure is expected to pass to the east of us, over Scandinavia – allowing another cold easterly to set in.

Doesn’t really match with my original prediction of much milder weather before Christmas.  We shall see.

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