Updated Weather Forecast

Time to get your t-shirts out.  Or your umbrella.  Depending on whether you are from up north or down south (it doesn’t matter where you live).

I did previously suggest that there was a lot of cold air coming down from the Arctic, and was going to mix with mild and moist air from the south-west – the cold air now seems to be plunging far west of the UK – again quite strange but this is a strange winter.  So the chance of snow tomorrow is reserved for much further north than I previously cautioned for.

Friday will see an area of rain move north, and it may well fall as snow in the morning but it will not settle to any extent, it will start cold at about 1’C but by early evening it should be around 9’C which will feel quite pleasant…well…in a January why the fuck did I not save up enough money for a week in Thailand kind of way.

Saturday, there may still be some rain to clear away, and when it does, it might get quite cold again, briefly, for this is the misplaced cold air which I was originally expecting to be sat over us on Thursday/Friday and has come over the warmer sea, so expect a cloudy, mingy kind of day with temperatures slowly falling from 9’C in the early morning to 1’C by midnight.

Sunday sees a ridge of high pressure trying to build, but it won’t last, 5’C and perhaps some sunshine, for what it is worth at this time of year, there will be a frost overnight, -3’C.

Monday sees the jetstream start to kick into action in a normal pattern for the first time in quite a while, bringing south-westerly winds which are moist and mild, and pushes the area of high pressure out of our way, it should be dryish but chilly still, 5’C…maybe more if the frost isn’t so much.

Tuesday – a usual winter pattern, a band of rain during the day, 7’C, and perhaps another band of rain overnight.

Wednesday might reach a crazy 10’C, with more rain expected but probably in the evening or overnight.  I do not rule out a 12’C.  Shocking!

Thursday, same shit, different day, just like your job, rain at some point, probably during the day, 11’C.

And guess what for Friday and Saturday?  Rain, cloud, wind, yes the same again.  But still, 10’C or so, so no need to take a coat on a night out.

I still favour cold weather becoming established around 25th January again, and eventually leading to some substantial snowfalls in February before becoming surprisingly mild, but we shall see.

I am not so confident on this outcome as I used to be a week or two ago.

I am confident in saying that we have seen the coldest part of our winter – but I do expect more snow, quite a bit more snow.

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