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I’m in a bit of a foul mood today, partly Monday-itus and also that I have way way over-spent this month already and am not in a good place financially – unless I break my rules (a bit of a common occurence this year) and go overdrawn, I will only have 50p a day for the rest of the month. Yes I know it is my fault and I only have myself to blame, hence I am pissed off with myself.

So it brings me some selfish satisfaction to tell you how shit the weather is going to be this week.

It is going to rain tonight. Possibly heavy at times.

It is going to rain on Tuesday. Probably heavy and maybe thundery in the afternoon.

Ditto Wednesday.

And ditto Thursday as more moves in from the south-east though how far west it will get is still debatable. But at the moment it looks like it will get as far west as Reading, and also be pretty heavy and maybe thundery again.

Friday should see the rain more back eastwards as high pressure moves in.

Temperatures will be nothing to write home about, 16’C to 20’C.

Exactly as I predicted last week.

I feel a bit better now.

Unfortunately it is going to be nicer over the weekend, though not especially warm, just pleasant.

Next week will be better which will please me as I won’t be at work.

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