Updated Weather Forecast

I’m sure you will agree that today’s weather was lovely.  It will get better.  Depending on how you define better…ha ha ha ha!

Tonight will see the wind pick up and it will feel pretty cold and miserable again.  There is a chance of rain but the worst will be further south I think.  Ditto tomorrow.  A proper horrid cold wind direction too, 7’C, and cold overnight.

Wednesday should be nice and sunny, but quite cold, 6’C.  Cold at first overnight but less so as cloud increases later on.

Thursday will see heavy rain and strong to gale force winds in the morning, followed by more strong winds and maybe some showers, but it will be milder, 12’C.

Friday, windy and cool, maybe a shower or two, 9’C

I expect the unsettled weather to continue through next weekend, and probably for much of next week too.

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