Updated Weather Forecast

Well, as you all may be aware, we are about to have an Indian Summer.  I have no idea why that term is used, yes I know I could look on Wikipedia but I shall desist for now.  I have no interest.

What I am interested in is that is should be a nice, warm, sunny day, once the cloud clears – the airflow is from the south, this is good.

It won’t be wall to wall sunshine though.  I think we can be hopeful of 21’C.

Repeat performance for Saturday with a touch more warmth at possibly 22’C as long as the cloud clears early enough.

Fairly similar on Sunday though the wind will turn to the east, potentially more sunshine but about 19-20’C.

High pressure is building from the north and will then introduce cooler weather.

Monday should be sunny, 17’C, Tuesday perhaps only 14’C and it could be cloudy by then.

Wednesday onwards I don’t think it will get above 12’C.  There is uncertainty as to whether it will be cloudy and cool, or sunny and cool but with chilly nights.

And after that I am not sure, there is no clear outcome being modelled – my long-stated forecast for October was that it would end stormy so we shall see.

Enjoy the pleasant weather.

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