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Despite my confusion, I am pretty happy with what I projected on Monday for this coming weekend, I was not far off. Closer to the mark than the BBC/Met Office were on Monday anyway. I often find the wording of the Met Office forecasts rather ambiguous and imagine that it must be misleading to the average person (by average, here I mean someone without my meteorological obsession!).

The low pressure is stalling to the west again and moving north, again sucking up hot air.

Friday will be fairly sunny, 28’C. Saturday even hotter at around 30’C (the Met Office actually has a heat-health watch level 2 up, yet the wording of the forecast would not suggest it necessary) and probably sunny or at least mainly sunny.

Sunday is where things start to go wrong a bit and I think there will be a weak band of rain crossing, but it will still be very warm, if not hot, and the sun might break it up. Around 26’C. And there is also a chance of dragging up thunderstorms from France, but I think that will be more for the eastern side of the UK.

Everything in the Atlantic is still set up for us to get a battering of rain and wind, and as every system comes, it seems it is digging its way back in slowly.

The next low pressure system looks like it might spawn a separate low pressure system of its own and if so, this more southerly track I suspect will lead to rain and wind for the middle of next week. Though Monday and Tuesday should be ok, unless there is a thunderstorm still to clear perhaps from Sunday night…

And from there?

Well, the hurricane season is expected to be rather active and with the amount of hot air over the Atlantic, the amount of high pressure to the north of us, I wonder if a hurricane could get squeezed our way during August – clearly it would not be a hurricane if one did arrive here, but the elements and structure could just be possible, it is an incredibly rare event…I just wonder…

On the bright side too, for heat lovers anyway, there is lots of heat to the south and east, Europe is going to have a scorching summer by the looks of things and it really is not that difficult to tap into it.

So although we may be about to go through a somewhat more unsettled period, there is still plenty of summer potential.

* * * * * *

And for those coming with me to see the magical Sven Vath and Ricardo Villalobos at Cocoon In The Park, in Leeds, I am expecting 26’C, the cloud will probably break way to sunshine…probably. Maybe a little early rain, maybe a shower late on. On this I really do hope I am right!

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