Updated Weather Forecast

Somehow I kept myself so occupied tonight that I nearly didn’t do my forecast, but I didn’t want to let anyone down.
Things are going to get warmer then colder. But not as much as they did in 1919’c in the UK where around this time of September it reached 32’c but with 10 days it was snowing as far south as the midlands.
Enough history. Friday will be cloudy. Maybe a bit of rain or sun. Saturday pretty poor with a band of rain late morning most likely. Temperature not too bad, 19’c, maybe a touch cooler on Sunday but it will be a fairly nice day.
Monday and Tuesday sees the return of summer, should be lovely and 22’c, maybe 23?! Wednesday sees the first attempt from the north to control our weather, a band of rain coming down but it probably will be fine after that, audit might still reach 19’c.
At some point next weekend though or maybe just after, I fully expect a cold blast to establish itself all the way to the south. At this time of year that means about 12’c during the day, and a frost at night if clear, though I think it will be wet and cold. Long way off though.

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