Updated Weather Forecast

I cannot say that I am especially in the mood for weather forecasting today – top of my mind is the stress of moving, but it will be for the best in the long run.

Anyway, this is my service to society so I shall endeavour to make it a good one – or an accurate one anyway.

Tomorrow could see some rain, more likely in the morning.  It isn’t clear how far north it will go yet.  Should be brighter in the afternoon, 20’C
Wednesday should be fine, maybe a chance of a shower later on, 22’C
Thursday again should be fine, but there is again a chance of a shower later on, 21’C
Friday should be quite sunny, and dry, 22’C
Saturday and Sunday should again be pretty nice, 23’C

And from then on I am hopeful of it getting warmer and perhaps even quite hot, around 25’C – 27’C (as I have been threatening for a while, I am pleased to announce!).  How long it will last though…well you’ll have to check back after I post my next updates on Thursday and Monday as usual.

Anyone want to share a flat with me in the town centre?!

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