Updated Weather Forecast

I quite like when the weather reverts back to the usual pattern of wind and rain as it is quite easy for forecasting purposes.  Little change from the last forecast – rain, wind but milder weather expected.  No chance of beating the highest ever January temperature of 18.3C though or coming anywhere close.

Tonight there is a band of rain coming across.
Tuesday will be dry and sunny, 7’C but rain overnight.
Wednesday will be cloudy, some rain at times, breezy too but a massive 12’C.
Thursday remains breezy with rain at times, but 12’C again.
Friday still in the south-westerly breeze, more rain at times, 11’C.
Saturday could see strong winds, more rain, 11’C.
Sunday, more rain!  More wind!  10’C.
Monday might be dry, 7’C.

From then on high pressure looks more likely but I’m not overly confident just yet.

I trust this satisfies your weather forecasting expectations.

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