Updated Weather Forecast

I think perhaps I went a bit over-board on the doom and gloom of the prospect of lots of rain in my previous forecast. So apologies.

Though some parts not far from where I currently live, did get lots of rain. And the link in the title will take you to quite an interesting video of someone driving under a mini-tornado.

So it is gloomy and windy again. This is the back of the low pressure which has dominated our weather for the last week, though not quite as much as I originally thought it would.

It has one final twist and turn and will dump a lot of rain somewhere over southern England tonight or tomorrow morning, and then will be gone.

The weekend should be fine, mainly dry with quite a bit of sunshine. 20’C. Good times.

And next week should also be mainly dry, however I don’t think the low pressure which is to the south of us is done quite yet, so though the forecast is currently fine, I would not be surprised to see one or two disturbances.

I am expecting a reasonable week, I do not rule out some showers, and temperatures should be around 18-20’C but possibly getting towards 25’C next weekend.

Pleasingly, the weather patterns are following what I would expect of an English summer, and the jet-stream seems to be behaving itself at the moment.

So we should get a summer of interchanging hot spells with showers, then rain and cooler spells with sun, and recycle. We might come close to breaking the record temperature later in July but if we do, I think it will be a brief heatwave.

Should I be correct, then you should be prepared for an autumn storm or two, come October. Give or take.

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  1. I thought your forecast was very accurate, if a little dramatic. The combination of high and low pressure did result in an uncomfortable passage of conditions, if not quite the catastrophe you alluded to. I still think you are the most accurate meteorologist and a 'must-consult' prior to the organisation of outdoor-based recreational activities.

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