Updated Weather Forecast

Last week was very easy to forecast, and I got it right – and we should get our 10’C this weekend that I predicted, and maybe even 11’C!

But on Monday the winds swing round to the north-west and blast some cold weather down again, though this will be transitory, and might not happen until the evening.

And then we have the prospect of some very welcomed early spring warmth. Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday are my favoured days where there is a good chance of us actually reaching 15’C – a temperature not seen here since November.

However I am not so sure of what the conditions will be like. There is no significant rain in prospect, though there could be showers on Sunday.

The warmth of mid-week might be a cloudy warmth but I do hope not.

And into next weekend I think there is a good chance of a good sunny Sunday.

In summary, mostly dry with some rather pleasant days mixed in.

I think that is a good weather forecast 🙂

Though I still think we haven’t seen the last of winter…I’m waiting for April now.

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