Updated Weather Forecast

Well I really have to admit some kind of defeat here.  I was expecting high pressure to come up and give us a bit more summer before the storms started, and most models were pointing towards it but suddenly we are in a different scenario.

I remember posting about a month ago that summer was over, and I think I was right!  I should have stuck to it.  Even in the winter, I said summer would be good, but not especially warm, and I was right.  But I keep getting side-tracked with medium-term potential events like the heatwave I was predicting (which went to Russia) and this period of better weather from around 10th.

I’m still learning, but definitely feel like the weather has punched me in the face for being too optimistic, and believing more what I wanted to believe rather than what I originally thought.

So I am afraid that all I have to offer is rain, cloud, rain and maybe a bit of thunder.

If the temperature reaches 21’C then you will be lucky, it could well only be 17’C on many days as we will be dragging in some really cold air from the north.

The rain will tend to be in the form of downpours.  Perhaps Sunday will be less wet.

There is the potential for a flooding event in the south too I feel.  Just a small risk, one I am keeping my eye on.

It could be worse – have a look at the link on the title which is a video of an immense storm in Finland!

RIP summer 2010

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