Updated Weather Forecast

Summer is taking a break. As previously suggested, low pressure is taking over this week and is going to be sat on top of us by Wednesday.

Don’t expect much in the way of sunshine this week. Temperatures around 18’C – 21’C but kind of unimportant as it won’t feel great.

There could be showers or longer spells of rain any day this week, and probably most days. I suspect Tuesday will remain mainly dry, but Wednesday will probably see some hefty showers. Thursday perhaps less showers, or less potent anyway, Friday perhaps more general rain for a time.

I am however hopeful of a dry weekend, and slightly warmer, 22’C to 24’C. Maybe 25’C.

And then? I currently favour another low pressure for early next week followed by high pressure building, though maybe not the warmest high pressure.

Still plenty to be optimistic about…just remember we don’t live in Spain, it cannot and will not be hot and sunny all the time. Plenty more summer to come 🙂

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