Updated Weather Forecast

Apologies that I did not do a forecast last night as I normally do on a Monday evening, but like the weather, I am being a bit lazy.  I’m glad I didn’t though as I have some interesting projections for you.

Are you enjoying autumn?  Ready for winter?  It appears that the Arctic wants to send a cold blast our way pretty soon.  How that will affect our weather, I am not sure.  Arctic blasts don’t normally start this early in the winter season…sign of things to come perhaps?!  If it were December, of course I would say it would be snow.

But it is still October.  Could it snow?  I think perhaps some snow even in the south if it comes off as a full blown Arctic blast could fall.

However, hurricane season isn’t over.  My attention is not being turned.  I have said for a long time that October will end quite stormy.  This cold blast could be just what an ex-hurricane or tropical depression requires to give us an interesting end to the month.

For now, we are going for dry but cool days, 12’C to 14’C.

Some days will have more cloud, others more sun. If the nights are clear then it could get chilly overnight, and perhaps misty or foggy in the morning.

Next Tuesday is probably when the weather will start to be interesting again.

I shall update on Thursday night.  Remember that the snow is just a remote possibility right now, but it is enough of a possibility to be a shock to the system and therefore I believe worth a mention.  Ta-da folks.

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