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I advise all to keep a very close eye on weather forecasts over the next few days.

For those who like a fact, the first week of December in the UK, I believe was the second coldest since 1772.  For those that like to flirt with the idea of history repeating itself (I do) – the elder relatives of my family living in Hull cannot remember snow as bad as they have had it so far, since 1947, when the country came to a halt.

And for those who think it is unusually cold here, it is even snowing in parts of the Middle East.  Where they have also had unusually strong storms.  And with flooding in Australia too – it’s a funny old world.  And I am rather astonished that Siberian air has travelled so far west that it is about to hit Canada – I have never seen that happen.

Personally I think the earth is correcting itself.  It happens.  The climate fluctuates and always will do.  It is unusual but I have seen this coming for years as patterns have changed gradually, and I expect them to change back.

Fancy a couple of days off for free before Christmas?  You might be in luck.

The supposed reload of the cold blast from the east which I was always dubious of due to my long-standing expectation of milder weather for the middle part of December from the south-west, seems to be a damp squib.  More of a gentle breeze than a blast.

However, what is in the Arctic seems quite disturbing.

Until Thursday, the weather is going to be much of a muchness, mainly dry (perhaps a few spots of rain or sleet), around 0’C at night, 3-4’C by day.

Thursday is when it gets interesting with a band of heavy rain sweeping south – I say rain as I suspect that the upper atmosphere will be too warm for snow at first but the air behind it is very, very cold, so quite exactly what it will be I am not sure.

It may start as rain and end as snow – it could be a band of hail, perhaps, and I wouldn’t rule out some thunder and lightning.  Following it will be snow showers, more likely around coastal regions…at first.

The low pressure looks set to sink south and split into two but also there is a low pressure coming up from the south – it really could get very messy next weekend.  It really is hard to put any detail onto it but the potential for major snow and disruption is high for all parts of the UK from Thursday onwards – anywhere could see a good 30-50cm of snow, especially during the weekend, and especially likely in the south, and the west.  Some places will probably only get 5cm.  Others, a lifetime’s worth.

When the band of weather comes down on Thursday, I would not be surprised to see a sudden temperature drop of something like 5 to 10’C  in a couple of hours – it could be -5’C at midday on Friday, it could be -12’C on Saturday night.  I wouldn’t even rule out a -15’C overnight next weekend.

Expect a difficult and freezing weekend to come.

There is less cold, but more unsettled weather heading our way for around Christmas.  Usually this would mean rain, but with the cold being so entrenched…it might, at least at first, mean a load more snow.

I advise a little preparation!

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