Updated Weather Forecast

Well what a lovely week that was. Not. Some very low overnight temperatures with temperatures down to 0’C in Reading the last couple of nights. And lots of cloud. Little in the way of rain. What was my long-term forecast for May? Wet and warm. Ahem. I cannot get them all right.

Just to cheer you up a little more, Moscow is currently enjoying temperatures of 25’C or more.

However, Madrid, Paris and Ibiza are in the same weather pattern as us and as such are recording temperatures no higher than about 17’C. So we are not alone.

We are about to lose the cold air. High pressure is going to build to the south and exert its influence, joy!

But it is a bit of a slow process. The weekend might if we are lucky see temperatures of 16’C with some sun, though I would not be surprised if it were closer to 14’C with fairly cloudy skies and the odd shower.

Next week, things should settle down, sunshine amounts will increase as will temperatures. 17’C on Monday, 19’C on Tuesday, 20’C on Wednesday & Thursday.

As for next weekend, well it could go one of two ways in my opinion; either we suck up some heat from Africa making it 25’C followed by thunderstorms, or we get a slight cooling to 17’C with a couple of showers.

One thing that does concern me is the jet stream. I would like to see it to the north of the UK. It is currently very far to the south. At some point it will shift northwards as it always does during the summer months. Also, the Atlantic is producing very little in the way of weather. This won’t last forever. Awake the Atlantic and bring the jet stream back up north and you repeat the scenario of the last few summers.

I’m going to go out on a limb though and say – hot August. We all need some hope!

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