Updated Weather Forecast

I’ll try to make this quick as I want to go for a drink.

Tonight, rain, not too heavy.
Friday, rain for much of the day, perhaps heavy in the morning, 10’C.
Saturday, rain up north but probably fairly dry in Reading, 11’C.
Sunday, another band of rain probably in the afternoon/evening, 11’C.
Monday, high pressure building from the south, so dry, perhaps some sunshine too, 9’C.
Tuesday, hopefully sunny, but chilly, 6’C and -1’C overnight.
Wednesday, sunny, cold, 4’C and -2’C overnight.
Same on Thursday and Friday.

So we get rid of the rain, but it gets colder.  What do you expect?

25th was always my target for a return of the cold.  Nothing noticeable on the models yet but I am very confident it won’t be this mild again until the end of February.  More snow is possible though currently I would say that January will finish around 0’C but with just light snow showers if anything, probably more likely dry.  We shall see.


By the way, I really would appreciate some constructive criticism if you have any.  If you have suggestions for improvement, I would much appreciate it.

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