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Firstly I have to bring you very sad news, in that possibly the only really good weather presenter on the BBC, Rob McElwee, is no longer going to be providing forecasts on the BBC, in part of the BBC’s left-wing dumbing down agenda. This is the only forecaster I truly admire, for he will actually dare use words such as “isobars” and “jet-stream”, and hint of future weather, as opposed to saying things like “splishes and splashes of rain around about” and tell you nothing, as many of the other presenters do.

The Met Office provides the BBC this service. Both are government departments which should be privatised as they are no longer providing a quality service.

Off my soapbox, onto the weather.

It should stay dry over the weekend, but nights will get chillier as we lose some of the cloud gradually.

Then we will have a northerly flow digging in, as I suggested previously.

So this weekend may seem chilly, with temperatures of 11’C-14’C at day, and between 3’C and 7’C at night but just wait until next week when the Arctic air blasts in, Monday onwards, ho ho ho!

Snow, snow snow? Way too early for it to snow. But it might just.

And Russia is preparing for a once in a thousand year winter. Ouch.

By next Wednesday you should really be feeling the chill, temperatures down to perhaps 5’C to 7’C. And maybe some wintry showers, we shall see.

But it won’t be cold for too long. This time around anyway.

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