Updated Weather Forecast

I’m the first to sing my praises so I thought I better admit I got it pretty wrong with expecting yesterday and today to be nice and sunny and warm. I was rather wrong!

I blame hurricanes in the Atlantic.

The advantage of this more mobile set-up is that the cold blast will arrive quicker but not hang around so long, so hence the cold won’t dig in so much.

Today will be mainly cloudy with some rain later, 19’C (would be warm if sunny!).

Wednesday, some showers but brighter, 16’C.

Thursday and Friday should be fairly dry, but noticeably cool, 15’C assuming it is sunny. Nights could be particularly chilly, and some places will get a frost, though more likely up north.

I’m not awfully sure about the weekend at the moment.

The models seem to be suggesting an ex-hurricane moving towards Portugal and Spain which would suck up much warmer air probably after next weekend. I don’t see that as a particularly likely outcome though. I do think the weekend will be a little less cold.

Phew, I think I managed my weather forecast without anyone seeing me – I am the weather forecasting underground resistance – bringing it to you despite the peril I currently suffer.


Ok, I have done a bit more research, and as I thought, no other model agrees with the above outcome – I only had time to check one previously.  I now expect the weekend to be sunny, with 17’C during the day but perhaps only 5’Cat night.  And more unsettled the week after.

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