Updated Weather Forecast

I bring you news of a taste of winter.

First some more autumn.  Cold tonight with some frost and potentially quite foggy, possibly 0’C.

Tuesday sunny, perhaps 9’C at a push.

Winds increasing overnight, rain on Wednesday morning, maybe into the afternoon too, chilly perhaps only 6’C.  Not quite cold enough for snow!

Maybe some showery rain on Thursday but nothing too much, milder at 10’C.

Friday into Saturday looks like low pressure coming in from the south but I’m not yet hugely confident about this, it should be reasonably mild at about 10’C.  Maybe the same story on Sunday too.

The wind does however looks very likely to turn to the east next week, and by Wednesday/Thursday at the current rate will have pushed in some damn cold air for late November, perhaps down to 3’C during the day, but I don’t rule out it being even colder – perhaps no higher than 0’C, and down to -5’C some nights.

And yes – a chance of snow.  It does depend on what weather systems are near by, if any.  I’d say the east coast has a very high chance of snow, but somewhere like Reading needs more factors to go in it’s favour to get snow.  But I rate the chance at 40-50% which for the end of November is very good.

The cold snap may well last a week or so, as it really is quite a potent and noticeable blast of cold air.

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