Updated Weather Forecast

Well as I speak, I think it is set to pour down, and probably will by time I have managed to write this.

I think my previous forecasts were pretty good – any complainers out their?

There is nothing to excite or interest me out there.

Go on then…

Friday, some showers, 20’C
Saturday, Sunday and Monday should be dry and will get increasingly nice and warm, 21’C, 23’C, 25’C.

And from there I really don’t know.

The Atlantic is much more active, much more back to normal. But I still am expecting a heatwave at the end of July which none of the models are picking up on right now.

We shall see.

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One response to “Updated Weather Forecast

  1. Any wind on Saturday mate? I wanna go windsurfing! Shudda gone today – It was blowing its tits off!!

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