Updated Weather Forecast

Apologies that there was no forecast on Monday, events got slightly out of hand and I was unable to spend time studying the weather.

It does however look like, as I suggested last week, that high pressure will start to become the dominant force, but to our west, which means it will drag in chillier air as the winds move clock-wise around high pressure, ie from the north or north-west.

That said, the sun is just about at its strongest now.

The next week or so we can expect generally fine weather. The chance of an isolated shower but nothing substantial.

In the sunnier days, Wednesday and Thursday in particular, temperatures should reach around 20’C. Cloudier days then around 16’C.

There is uncertainty as to how sunny or cloudy it will be over the weekend and into next week, and the source of the air as to whether it will be cool, ok or warm, but generally I expect it to remain mainly dry with average temperatures.

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