Updated Weather Forecast

So I’m back from my crazy adventure.  And the weather has gone a bit crazy too.  All kinds of outcomes are possible for the rest of August due to the amount of influences now becoming upon us – continental lows, atlantic lows, arctic blasts of unseasonably cold air, tropical air not that far to our south-west – and the possibility of ex-hurricanes influencing our weather.

My current favoured outcome is thus:

Tuesday, some early rain, brighter later, 20’C
Wednesday, mainly fine, perhaps a shower, 21’C
Thursday, increasing chance of a shower, perhaps some very heavy rain in the evening or overnight…or maybe not until Friday…both days around 22’C to 24’C

If Friday isn’t a wash-out then it could be quite warm and sunny, as could Saturday and Sunday – I wouldn’t be surprised to see temperatures over 25’C if it is sunny, but the potential for rain or showers will still be high so bringing it back down to 23’C if that is the outcome.

I expect it to remain very changeable throughout the rest of August, almost any scenario is possible for any day I’m afraid.  One more likely outcome is a northerly blast of cold showery air at some point maybe around 25th-28th.

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